Top 10 highest paying US jobs

List of the highest paying professions for last year

Need to earn more money? Here is a quick list of the top ten highest paying jobs by average yearly pay for both 2016 and 2015. You should also know that we have left out some of the medical professions in order not list the same types of jobs over and over, since most of the top paying jobs happen to be medically related.

#1 - Medical Surgeon

Top Pay: $180,000
Length of time it takes: 10 years or more

Being a medical surgeon is by far the most popular highest hourly paying jobs. Even though a lot of people in the medical field are near the top on the salary scale, surgery tends to be among the highest paying careers ever, specifically surgeons who focus on treating ailments and physical trauma. Nevertheless, many doctors in surgery lean toward a particular area, like the eyes or mouth.

Despite this field being one of the best paying jobs, it's extremely expensive to attain. Over 80% of people that graduate from medical have an overwhelming amount of debt to deal with.

#2 - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Top Pay: $140,500
Length of time it takes: It's difficult to say. How bad do you want it?

A Chief Executive is pretty much the top ranking authority in a company and has without a doubt one of the world's highest paying jobs ever as well. He or she has to handle everyday operations of the company they're in charge of. The Chief Executive will typically have to go to the board of directors for big decisions.

# 3 Engineering Manager

Top Pay: $140,000
Length of time it takes: 6-7 years

An engineer manager will figure out technical plans, give broad summaries, come up with how the plan will be executed, and sometimes will be in charge of the financial aspects of a project. Management in this field is one of the best paying careers for one to consider, as well as a career that unifies technical problem management and organizational capabilities so that he or she can observe advanced projects from idea to finish. Engineer manager is a great choice if you want this highest paying job.

# 4 Airline Pilot

Top Pay: $135,000
Length of time it takes: 5-10 years

Contrary to what many think an air pilot does not only have to stick with flying commercially, since he may also fly helicopters, observe traffic from above, fly cargo planes, be a director of aviation and more. This is the highest paying job for someone that likes to fly. Even though most people already have a good idea about all of the advantages experienced by pilots that fly just one hundred hours or so each month because of Federal Aviation Administration rules, it's actually more difficult than you might think to gain that status. Candidates have to be no less than 18 and need to accumulate 250 hours of flying experience in order to get the most basic license. Pilots that want to fly commercially need to be no less than 23 years of age, and obtain 1500 hours of actual flying, as well as a lot of FAA tests to get through.

# 5 Dentist

Top Pay: $130,000
How long will it take me? 8 years

Dentistry is well known as one of the top highest paying jobs. In the dental profession, there happens to be a lot of different areas for one to specialize in like; endodontics, oral pathology, and maxillofacial surgery - though most will go for general practice. Dentist practitioners that have a private practice typically are in charge of daily business planning, company operations, including but not limited to administrative and financial. Since all of the states within the U.S. necessitate dentist practitioners to have a license, potential candidates have to earn a degree and graduate from a dentistry school that is accredited. Schooling for dentists is usually about 3 to 4 years tops, but if you are wanting to focus on a particular area of study - then you could be looking at anything up to 2 to 5 more years extra.

# 6 Lawyer

Top Pay: $110,000
Length of time it takes: 7 years

Of the highest paying jobs out of college, being a lawyer is something that you may want to consider. There are actually a ton of different attorney areas for anyone that is interested in this field to think about - corporate, employment, environmental, immigration, and health are just a few of the niches to choose from.

This industry has many regulations and bares a rigorous code of ethics that must be upheld. Each attorney has to successfully complete the bar examination within the state that they are looking to work in. Even so, typically, to be able to take the exam, one needs a 4 year degree and must have graduated from a law college that is accredited, which can take around 3 years to accomplish. Highest paying jobs are very much available within this field.

# 7 Air Traffic Control

Top Pay: $100,500
Length of time it takes: 4-8 years

Air traffic controllers are the people that plan out the movements of traffic within the air in order to ensure that airplanes keep a secure distance away from each other. These controllers are employed within the National Airspace System and enjoy being in the ranks of the top 10 highest paying jobs. The first priority that they have is safety, yet they have to steer planes in order to avoid delays as well. Some traffic controllers guide planes within airspace’s. Others may guide plane arrivals and departures at the airport.

# 8 Computer Information Manager (IT)

Top Pay: $100,000
Length of time it takes: 4-8 years

A manager that works in computer information is in charge of operations of the business' information technology. The managers plan and organize tasks, like handling software and hardware installation, putting computer networks to use, creating websites, design, and much more. They're incessantly working to maintain, secure and make certain that computer networks are running smoothly. If you want one of the highest paying computer jobs, then this is definitely it. They figure out the information requirements of their company from a strategic and critical view in order to find current and future administrative needs that may come about. They give out and look over the work that is done by other workers as well as make certain that their company continues to be a leader in the field. One of the more highest paying jobs that one can get in this career type.

# 9 Marketing Manager

Top Pay: $100,000
Length of time it takes: 4-6 years

People that work in marketing management practice implementing various marketing methods and oversee the company's resources. This is one of the good paying jobs that are out there and waiting for bright and ambitious people to take advantage of. The great thing about marketing managers, is that they can also be in different niches and areas of focus. These managers can take charge of promotions, relations, analytic, and much more.

# 10 Natural Sciences Manager

Top Pay: $95,000
Length of time it takes: 6 years

Not only is natural sciences an interesting career choice, but this happens to be one of the highest paying jobs in America as well. Natural sciences managers organize, figure out, and oversee research related tasks. They are at times in charge of scientists and other personnel. Natural science managers also implement scientific plans given by top executives, that can have to do with accumulating more research or creating products. Managers in this area of work typically in the research field, environmental, as well as other organizations. They also usually have their own firms.